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Laundry is one of those chores that we all spend a lot of time doing. There is no way around it. We all need clean underwear, masks, socks and workout clothes. With that being said I was realizing that I was spending too much of my time searching for these items or losing them in the wash. Which brought me to the thought that maybe I wasn't the only one with this same issue.  

So I did some research to figure out how to make this process just a little bit easier and that was how the Laundree Co wash bags idea was born.

These awesome bags not only significantly reduced the amount of time that I was spending sorting my laundry, but they were also great for protecting delicates and my workout clothes from the dreaded tangle that can happen in the wash. They also worked wonders in keeping sock pairs together because somehow one sock always seems to go missing without a doubt after each wash! 

In addition, these bags worked for tiny children sized articles of clothing and for whenever a fuzzy stuffed animal friend needed a quick wash. 

And if those were not enough reasons, the bags also worked perfectly to hold undies and socks in my luggage whenever I traveled. On the way home, they would hold all the dirty items and once home into the wash the whole bag goes! SO EASY!

These have really made my laundry life and travel life so much more efficient. And I am positive these will be just as useful to you as well! 


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